Emergency Repairs

If you have a plumbing
emergency, you want someone
to deal with it quickly. Plumbing
issues in your home can quickly
spiral out of control and cost
thousands of dollars when
delayed. By calling NBS
Plumbing after hour’s
emergency number (xxxx xxx
xxx) right away, you will be
connected to the plumber who
will be at the site as soon as
possible. This way you can
handle the issue before it
becomes even worst for your
home and plumbing system.


We’ll help you design a bathroom that takes advantage of your existing plumbing and offer high-quality results, so your bathroom becomes a relaxing haven for many years to come. NBS Plumbing offers experience completing bathroom renovations. We can also help you find fittings and fixtures that are fashionable, environmentally friendly and help to save on water costs. Our renovation services include:

  • Disconnecting existing fixtures and pipes in preparation for renovation
  • Demolition and removal of existing plumbing
  • Installation and repositioning of pipes, drains, sewage and hot water system
  • Supply of tiling and waterproofing
  • Installation of shower screens
  • Installation of fittings and fixtures including toilet, bath, shower, sink and taps

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NBS Plumbing can access a broad and diverse range of taps, mixers and faucets to suit any kitchen, bathroom renovation or new project. We also stock a range of parts for quick repairs.

Blocked Drains

Blocked drains are not only annoying, but they can pose a real health risk. NBS team of plumbers are your local blocked drains experts, we can fix your blocked drains usually without having to dig up your

Hot Water - Electric

NBS Plumbing is your hot water service specialist. We service, install and repair gas, solar and
electric hot water systems. Our expert plumbers consult with you to repair, maintain and design your hot water system.

Burst Pipes

At NBS Plumbing our highly skilled and fully licensed plumbers are experienced in emergency burst pipe repairs and/or pipe replacement. All our vans are fully stocked so we can fix the vast majority of problems in a single visit. Regardless of the time simply call NBS Plumbing and we’ll be there.


Having a blocked toilet can be extremely inconvenient, unhygienic and downright disgusting. NBS Plumbing team understand just how bad a blocked toilet can be and are on hand to help out with this often messy situation. Our plumbers offer prompt, practical solutions for even the most clogged toilets
throughout FNQ.


Plumbing leaks can be elusive and destructive. Water leaks can cost hundreds of dollars every
day. NBS Plumbing’s leak detection specialists use the most technologically advanced non-invasive methods to accurately locate hidden water leaks. We offer leak detection services throughout your property to locate and repair your water leaks.

Water Filter

Our expert technicians will professionally install and carry out any repair works on your filtration system so that you can enjoy cleaner water for better health and great savings.

Jetter Services

Drain Jetter cleaning is a far superior and cost effective method of clearing all types of water drains. It clears the blockage as well as flushing out all residual tree roots and any other objects that may be
causing a blockage or obstruction for domestic, commercial and industrial type blockages.

Shower and Basins

NBS Plumbing are your one-stop-shop Kitchen and bathroom plumbing repairs and renovations.

Roof Leaks and Gutters

Whatever roof and gutter-related services you need, just call NBS Plumbing for quality services you can trust. All of our plumbers are trained in the installation and repair roofing and guttering, so we can do whatever you need, with fast turnaround times guaranteed.

As well as providing general repair services for roof leaks and gutters, NBS Plumbing also offers an annual gutter cleaning service for gutters, downpipes, and stormwater drains. If your gutters and drains are regularly inspected and cleared of any debris, this will help to prevent problems later down the line.

Sewer and Stormwater

The sewer drainage in your home is the system of underground pipes that carries your waste and sewerage from your kitchen, bathrooms, laundry, sinks or other plumbing components in your home. It is then drained through to respective waste treatment plants where waste is then discharged into our waterways.
Stormwater drainage is any water which rains off a site due to rainfall. So, when we are talking about the stormwater drainage in your home, we are referring to stormwater as any rain which runs off your roofs, driveways, roads or pathways. This water then runs directly into our waterways and does not
get filtered in the process.
Always contact NBS Plumbing if you think they may be an issue with your sewer or stormwater drainage. We can provide expert advice and superior services to ensure we get to the bottom of every plumbing problem you may be experiencing throughout your home.


A backflow prevention device prevents the reverse flow of water from a potentially polluted source into the potable (drinking) water supply system. It is a requirement under the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002 that owners of installed testable backflow prevention devices must:

– register the device with the local government

– at least once each year, have the device inspected or tested by a person who is licensed to do the work.

NBS Plumbing is licensed to carry out the work and conduct reporting as required.

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